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The nature of many ComDesign Global projects involves long term assignments by the consultants and/or contractors that reside on-site.  As these types of projects – corporate relocations, network implementations or upgrades, branch and/or satellite office rollouts, etc. – pass through their implementation phase, clients become forced to re-evaluate their staff in relation to their new environment and changing business objectives.

In order to maintain a comfortable level of continuity during the months, even years following a major project’s completion, clients often choose to augment their current staff with members of the ComDesign Global team.  We take great pride in our ability to offer quality services to our clients in an ongoing or outsourced fashion.  The development of a strong client relationship is the key to success in these long-term assignments.

ComDesign Global corporate liaisons work closely with our client’s management team to assure that outsourced responsibilities are perfectly matched in terms of skill sets and personality. Turnover of personnel, an inevitability in the world of communications, occurs over a designated time period, (at no additional cost) so both the client and ComDesign Global are comfortable with the placement and that the incoming contractor and/or consultant can hit the ground running. 

We feel with our history of providing qualified personnel and meeting objectives of our clients, that ComDesign Global will meet your criteria in both short and long term needs and assignments..

ComDesign Global offers a complete range of services that are designed to meet your unique needs:

· Temporary Staffing · Permanent Placement · On-Site Personnel  

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