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Step 1 - Planning

Using the consultative approach, we review your short-term and long-term communication goals as well as changes in categorical standards, other opportunities taking place in the cabling industry, etc.

Step 3 - Proposal

In the instance that ComDesign Global is not involved in the planning/design phase, our management staff reviews client-provided RFPs to ensure that we understand your requirements and will propose a technically sound solution.

Step 5 - Testing & Certification

Once the installation is complete, each cable is tested and certified as per industry standard, and those of the manufacturer. A cable plant summary detailing all test results and project drawings is presented to the client.

Step 2 - Design

Once your requirements have been determined, we create a detailed infrastructure design that addresses and adheres to client goals.

Step 4 - Implementation

Immediately following contract award, the project team is chosen. All work is performed under the close supervision of the on-site foreman. The Project Manager ensures quality and craftsmanship through periodic visual inspections with strict adherence to industry and manufacturer specifications

Step 6 - Customer Acceptance & Warranty

Once the installation is complete and certified, the Project Manager schedules a client inspection of the site to determine the quality of work performed. At this time, a ComDesign Global Workmanship Warranty, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty, is issued to the client.

Project Performances

Voice, Data, and Fiber Installations

Moves Adds & Changes

On-site Services  

Cambridge Sound Masking Systems 

Surecall Cell Signal Booster Systems

New England Geographic Area Coverage

24/7 Emergency Support

—  National Grid

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